~Mario Refookonyakoi commented on Sep 2, 2014

Re: JDBC Access to IBM Lotus Domino

Hi Can you please confirm when the driver will be supported in IBM Cognos Express? Currently this on on version 10.2.1 Fix Pack 1.


~Dean Brefanaman commented on Aug 7, 2014

Re: JDBC Access to IBM Lotus Domino

Thee Sun & Son JDBC Driver is built on the Open NTF code and was completed with the support of Phil Riand and the X Pages team - it now supports Multi Value fields - is very high performance compared to Notes ODBC and has been integrated into the latest release of the Sun & Son Notes Data Modeler Architecture www.sunandson.com

The JDBC Driver for Notes will be supported in Cognos Q3 - 10.2.1 Fix Pack 4

and then in Q4 - it will be in the main point release 10.2.2

Here are a few things to keep in mind about the DomSQL driver:

The client component is pure Java code, so it should run on any platform

The server component, which runs on the Domino server, includes some C code

The upcoming release of the Data Modeler provides seamless integration of the DomSQL driver and a new Metadata Library module, which aggregates all of the Data Modeler metadata definitions across the enterprise.

Although there is an open version of the DomSQL driver available for download from the OpenNFT.org site, the Sun & Son enhanced DomSQL driver has gone through the Cognos certification process and is the only version that will work with Cognos.